Should I use a job offer as leverage?

If you have landed a potential new job that offers the promise of more money or benefits than you have now, you may consider using the offer to leverage change at your current job. Maybe you’re having difficulty advancing, or you’ve been contacted by an outside recruiter who noticed you online via Sumry or LinkedIn. In this case, you may want to inform your current employer that you have other suitors interested in your offerings - to see if you can shake up your current work reality for your personal benefit.

This negotiation can be tricky. A good approach to this discussion is to let your current employer know that you love your job, but you’re eager for more - and a new employer has knocked on your door offering both. This puts the ball in their court, and it will be their decision to either up their game quickly, or risk losing you to the competition. However, you should only use this approach if you truly feel like your benefits have the possibility to improve at your current employer. If the new job reality you seek is already definitely where you want to go, this step may be worth skipping.

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