Should I choose a higher-paying job that I’ll enjoy less, or a lower-paying job that I’ll enjoy more?

If you feel like you want to step towards your passion, and feel you can reap stronger more meaningful personal reward through the lower-paying job, it is worth exploring the opportunity. Following that passion sometimes means re-evaluating your financial reality, so be prepared to envision life on a smaller paycheck and see if the enjoyment and fulfillment of that job pushes you towards the offer. Ask yourself: What rewards can you reap that aren’t just monetary?

If your personal obligations and responsibilities are overwhelming and the higher-paying job is tolerable, there’s no shame in choosing money over passions if the situation begs it. You must do a similar evaluation of your life in this scenario — but, instead, envision your daily life in that job. If the scenario isn’t totally soul crushing or intolerable, this option isn’t the worst to take. Ask yourself: What amount of financial stability is the tipping point for this choice to be made?

This choice depends partially on your personal goals. Choosing between passion and financial security is really a hard decision to make. Extract as much data as you can and weigh out the reality of your situation. This is your choice, so make sure the choice you make is informed and well thought out before coming to your personal decision.

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