How do I know if I will fit into a team culture?

It’s super important to know where your personal values lie. Understanding your values will help you to choose companies that you can easily align and succeed within.  These values can be unearthed in traditional and nontraditional ways - Gallup’s Strengths Finder Test, Myers-Briggs assessments, DISC profiles and more can all unearth these values - but you don’t have to do a formal evaluation to figure out these qualities. The internet is teeming with resources and quizzes on how to explore and define your personal core value set (here, here and here - there are many more).  It doesn’t matter how you get there, but coming to a basic understanding of your personal core values will help guide your decisions when seeking out a new team environment.

We’d recommend really diving in to analyze the company and specific job descriptions before applying: beyond the technical and skill requirements, you can make educated assessments of cultural fit by carefully reading the copy teams utilize to describe “ideal candidates” or “desired qualities”.  Do those qualities indicate or align to your core values? If yes, this will give you an advantage in the application process: you will already feel passionate about this team because it aligns to the same values you do in your everyday life! If no, you can feel confident in changing course to find a better fit for you.

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