Do I always need a cover letter?

You should be prepared to write an awesome cover letter to accompany your application and resume. Everyone hates writing cover letters, but this letter is your golden opportunity to reveal the real person behind the resume, and set yourself apart from fellow applicants. Your cover letter is an introduction and peek into your writing style, your personality, and your attitudes about work and the company. An effective cover letter can help boost you to the top of the prospective pool, so be prepared to write that A+ letter should the application request it.

But do you always need one? Some companies explicitly don’t want them, and are more interested in testing on-the-job skills or checking references, versus the tried and true cover letter. Some would prefer a well-rounded portfolio of your work versus a letter. EVERY COMPANY IS DIFFERENT! Read the job listing carefully and make sure to follow instructions when submitting for any position and you’ll be set.

An important note: If you’re employing active use of an effective Sumry profile, the real, amazing human version of you is just a click away for recruiters. Your profile can offer a fully formed snapshot of the real you - and that resource can only help an amazing applicant in the job search.

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