Resume for short experience people?

People with a short work history or experience can find the resume development process daunting.  Because there are no hard and fast rules to how you make up a resume, you should choose content that works best to showcase your goals and establishes a clear voice and audience. Ask yourself, “if someone got my resume and knew nothing about my education or direction, could they quickly identify the role I’m targeting, and why?”

Keep these points in mind:

  • Make sure the layout is clean and easy to read
  • Include a link to your professional profile with your contact info (Sumry, LinkedIn)
  • Clearly list your career goals up front, in the form of a summary or vision statement.
  • Play up your best selling points. Leadership within college and high school teams can be included. Showing off academic achievements can only work in your favor.
  • You don’t have to include references if they’re not relevant or don’t exist yet. Employers don’t necessarily expect you to have this information on a resume, and during an interview they know you’ll provide it if they request it.

A short resume doesn’t mean you won’t be right for a job - just try to think of what experience you have in transferable areas and roles and try to elaborate on it clearly.  Your passion for the role can come through in an awesome cover letter too, so make sure to write an impassioned cover letter as support to your resume. You can easily paint a full picture of you and your experience (no matter where you are in your career path) through Sumry, so make sure to tell all aspects of your journey there, and you’ll have all the ingredients to a solid resume, no matter the experience level.


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