Should I have an online resume/portfolio?

While recruiters say that traditional, text-based resumes may never die, they also agree that they are no longer enough. That being said, online portfolios are not currently enough by themselves either. The best combination for optimal success is a traditional resume that links back to a full online portfolio.

Online resumes help you stand out from the crowd. They can do things that traditional resumes cannot. You can show examples of your work, tell a visual story of your professional journey, and display your personality. Companies care about more than your skills, they want to see who you are. That is where your online resume scores you extra points.

Here are some reasons you should have an online resume/portfolio:

Increased visibility

Your online resume/portfolio is searchable on search engines like Google. Companies and recruiters may find you without you reaching out. This can be helpful if you already have a job, but would be open to hearing offers from other companies.

Unique information

There are things like personality, work examples, links, etc., that present much better in a web format. Traditional resumes are great at what they do, but they are text-heavy. Online resumes allow you to think outside the box and craft your professional story with images, audio, video, and more.

First impression

Whether you are applying for jobs or not, an online profile will probably be the first experience potential employers have with you. Having an easy place for them to quickly see your professional journey and work samples lets them see if you would be great for a partnership or employment.

Forward thinking

Companies and recruiters are looking for candidates that think outside the box. You can set yourself apart as a technologically-minded job seeker.

Always hireable

We are always open to hearing offers from other companies. Even if you are not currently applying for a new job, having an online resume leaves the door open for hiring managers to contact you.

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