How to give resignation notice?

The resignation meeting

Try to set a meeting one-on-one with your direct supervisor (in person or via phone/web conference) to give the news directly to them once you’ve made the decision to move on.  Accompanying this meeting, have a pre-drafted formal letter of resignation ready to be submitted to your current employer. This letter (can also be sent in email form) not only gives written documentation of your intent to leave, but also your planned last day of work. You should submit this formal document to your direct supervisor and also send it to human resources.

The resignation letter

Your resignation must be professional (this is not the time to burn bridges), so regardless of your love or hate for the job you’re leaving, the message you develop should be short, polite and clear. Don’t feel obligated to provide any details on why you will be leaving - remember, this letter is a courtesy - so stating that you are leaving to pursue other opportunities is totally appropriate.  Your job history follows you around, and you want to leave on the best terms possible.  You will want to close out the letter with thanking your supervisor and the company for all the opportunities you had working for them.  

Once you do leave

Upon settling at your new company, make sure to reach out to your former team with your updated contact info so you can continue to keep them in your professional network.

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